At Sara Lee®, we make sure our bakery products satisfy a variety of nutritional needs, while also ensuring they taste so good that your family will love every last bite.

The classic simplicity of our 100% Whole Wheat bread comes from its whole-grain recipe, with no artificial colors or flavors. Kids who think they don’t like whole wheat bread will like the smooth texture and mild flavor of Sara Lee® Soft & Smooth 100% Whole Wheat or Made with Whole Grain White.

Are you counting calories? Discover our 45 Calories & Delightful™ breads. Each slice of bread has 45 calories (serving size is 2 slices, 90 calories). 80 Calories & Delightful™ buns have 80 calories per bun. Enjoy your favorite sandwiches without compromise.

Our Hearty & Delicious® breads offer tasty and nutritious whole wheat and white bread products to suit every taste in the family.

Visit Our Bread for nutrition facts for each of our products.